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We do our best to make gameplay interesting and fun for every player. The Game is regulated by the Game Rules and the provisions of the End User License Agreement
The following activities are forbidden and suppressed with bans:

1) abuse, coarse language (in messages, emails, letters, slogans, city and clan names),
2) spam (messages, emails and letters that are either empty or contain incoherent symbols),
3) conspiracy of a group of people with the intent of obtaining in-game advantages that are in breach of the Rules, as well as in-game use of robot programs created by third-party developers,
4) clan names that are similar in a way that may mislead other players into thinking they are the same clan. In these cases, the Administration reserves the right to rename one or both clans,
5) advertising,
6) financial fraud,
7) disrespectful attitude toward the Administration.

You can report a player to the Administration for the use of coarse language, personal insult, spam or advertising. If the report is reasonable, the offender can be banned for 1-7 days. In case of multiple reports from many players, the offender’s character or account may be permanently banned. Warnings may be issued for minor violations of the Game Rules.

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