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You will need resources to build your base, recruit and upgrade troops, and conquer new territories.

You’ll be able to find the following types of resources in the game:


Minerals are one of the main resources in the game. They are required for building and upgrading the majority of the constructions in the game. You can use Harvesters to harvest them, or you can earn them in battle. You can also get them as a reward for completing quests and missions, or for playing pirate dice games. Alternatively, you may buy them directly from the shop. Note that at the early stages of the game, the fastest way to acquire minerals is to complete quests and missions. Later on, once you’ve expanded your base, you’ll be getting lots of minerals from battles. The best part is that you don't even need to win the battle to steal minerals from your enemy during the fight. But keep an eye on your own base too; you’ll want to keep it well-protected from players looking to loot your resources. The wise thing to do is invest your resources in buildings and upgrades. Do not leave your storage buildings full for too long, as they will attract enemies.


Gas is another one of the main resources. You’ll need it to build and improve your army, as well as upgrade some of the buildings on your base. Just like Minerals, Gas can be harvested, looted from your enemies in battle, or earned as a reward from missions, quests and dice games. Protect your Gas reserves from looting by other players. And if you plan on looting Gas from another player in battle, you should keep in mind that building an army costs Gas. So, make sure you pick an opponent who has more Gas to loot than what you’ve spent on your army.

Plazmium 2.png

Plasmium is a rare resource. You need it to build and upgrade some of your elite units and heroes. It is quite expensive and is harvested slowly, so build Plasmium Harvesters and storage buildings as early in the game as possible

Dubnium 1.png

Dubnium is the resource you need for auctions in Territory Wars. There are no harvesters or storage buildings for it, and it is produced automatically. You can also buy Dubnium. The main thing to keep in mind is that Dubnium is a clan resource. That means that all Dubnium produced or purchased by clan members can only be spent by their clan leader, in auctions. The list shows how much Dubnium is generated per hour depending on the level of each user’s Command Center.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is the primary resource used for space travel. It’s what you use to transport your troops to their destination planet when going on a mission. It is generated automatically and doesn't need to be kept in a storage building. The Dark Matter meter in the Mission Map window will show you how much Dark Matter you currently have, how much you can store, and the speed at which it is being generated.


Diamonds are the only resource in the game that can be bought for money. They can also be acquired by removing obstacles from around your base, playing pirate dice, completing quests and unlocking achievements. Diamonds can make your game easier by allowing you to instantly complete constructions and upgrades, purchase additional workers, retrain troops, and so on.

Some resources, such as Dubnium and Dark Matter, are generated automatically over time, while others need to be harvested and stored.

Diamonds are the only resource that can be purchased for money. You can then use Diamonds to purchase other resources.

Resources Exchange

You can exchange Gas for Minerals and vice versa in the game. To do that, click on the button with two arrows next to the resource you want to exchange.


In the opened window choose the amount of Minerals/Gas you want to exchange and click on "Exchange". The exchange ratio is 4:1 if you don't have Premium and 2:1 for a Premium account.