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Missions are the perfect opportunity to fight alien monsters and space pirates instead of players, and to get a chance to try various units without having to worry about their cost.

What is the Mission Map?


The mission map shows you the missions available in the game. A green star indicates your current mission. Locked missions are gray, while missions you’ve already completed are blue. Some stars are larger and show you the amazing rewards you will get for completing those key missions. Click on a star to open the mission window.

What is the Mission Window?

The Mission Window features a ‘Scout’ button. Do not ignore this feature as it gives you the chance to get a sneak preview of the mission base, and to plan the best army and approach for the mission.

In missions, unlike in regular battles, you don’t need to recruit your troops in the Recruiter. All units allowed in the mission are available for free in unlimited numbers; you are limited only by the capacity of your ships, which transport your army to the mission base. Ships are fueled by Dark Matter. The amount required doesn’t depend on the number of troops going to battle. The capacity of your ships increases automatically after certain missions. Moreover, if a unit is permitted by the mission, you will be able to use it in that mission, even if you don’t have that type of unit on your base or it is of a different level.

When you go off on a mission, don’t forget to read the mission description first, as it may contain useful hints. Also, keep in mind the mission goal, which is what you need to do to successfully complete the mission.


How do I go on a mission?

The cost of a mission is the amount of Dark Matter required to fuel your ships for the mission.

What is the Mission Goal?

The mission goal shows you which buildings you must destroy in order to complete the mission. Note that you don’t always need to deal with the Command Center.

What is the cost of a Mission?

The cost of a mission is the amount of Dark Matter required to fuel your ships for the mission.

What is Dark Matter and where do I get it?


Dark Matter is the rarest resource in the game. It is also what fuels your ships to enable them to carry your troops to missions. Dark Matter is generated automatically; however it can also be bought for resources or Diamonds a limited number of times per day.

What are Advanced Missions?

Advanced missions.png

Advanced Missions are a new kind of mission. They become available once you've completed all Basic Missions.
In Advanced Missions, special bases become available for you to attack one at a time. All of their buildings are very tough, but your progress throughout the mission is saved. That means all the damage you dealt during previous attack rounds is maintained for your next attack - the buildings you destroyed remain destroyed, and the ones you damaged remain damaged. Your goal in Advanced Missions is always the same: you must destroy the base completely, i. e. 100%! When you finally win, you receive 20 fame, plus gas and minerals to full capacity.
Unlike Basic Missions, Advanced Missions don’t have any restrictions on units. You may use any troops and ammunition available in your regular battles. As in Basic Missions, in Advanced Missions you spend neither time nor resources to get the troops to the mission. They are available instantly. The shuttle capacity is equal to your regular Grounds capacity. Heroes, Mercenaries and any kind of temporary Grounds are not available in Advanced Missions either.
After completing the Basic Missions, you will see an arrow. Clicking on that arrow transfers you to the Advanced Missions screen. The first available base has a lvl 9 Command Center. Once you complete the mission on the very first base, you will get the CC lvl 10 mission if your CC level is lvl 10 or higher. If your CC level is 9 or lower, you will be assigned a random CC lvl 9 mission. Once you unlock the higher lvl base to attack in Advanced Missions, the lower one becomes unavailable. You will not be able to proceed to the next base unless you complete the current one. Available level bases may be played again and again as many times as you wish.
Just as in Basic Missions, you need Dark Matter to transport your troops to the base you'll be attacking. Unlike Basic Missions, you may use diamonds to buy any Dark Matter you're missing, up to 6 times per day.