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In StarColony, each player can participate in mini games such as Dice, Wheel of Fortune. All you need to do is click on the "Play a mini game" button in the right lower corner of the screen.

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Every day, you can roll the dice and get a reward. The goal is to roll a good hand. This means rolling two, three or four dice of a kind. Higher scores mean bigger rewards. If your hand isn't a winning one, you'll get 100 minerals or gas for each point you've rolled. Once you reach player skill level 50, you'll get +1 dice to roll. Each roll increases your player skill level.


Wheel of Fortune

There are three game types in Wheel of Fortune: The regular game rewards you with lots of useful prizes such as gas, minerals, ammunition and so on. Every day, the first game is free! The subsequent games require diamonds to be played. You can only play 10 games per day. Each subsequent game has better prizes up for grabs than the previous one.


When playing Wheel of Fortune, you can win Swarm Larvae. Once you collect 20 of these larvae, you can trade them for a temporary defensive building called Aspid. The Aspid lasts 30 days. You can't have more than 1 Aspid on your base. When an Aspid's lifespan is over, you may purchase another one for 20 larvae. In Wheel of Fortune, you can also win Bricks. 10 Bricks may be traded for 1 extra wall that is permanent. The amount of extra walls is not limited. Swarm larvae and bricks appear in the same Wheel of Fortune slots. If you see a larva in the slot, but would rather try to win a brick, you may try to switch rewards."



The Supergame is a special type of free game. To get it, you have to play 20 regular games (including free ones). Below the Play button, you can see a counter that shows you how many games you've played so far. Once you've played all 20 regular games and played the Supergame, the counter resets to 0. In Supergame, your chance to win a brick or a larva increases substantially.

Megagame is a special type of game. It becomes available with every two Supergames you play, and gives you the chance to win a unique building, Spikeworm, which can only be acquired by winning a Megagame. Spikeworm is a unique defensive building, and once acquired, it will remain in your possession forever!