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Heroes are special battle characters. They can go to battle, but also defend your base.
There are currently the following heroes in the game:

Krigar Iren Wild's

Robotic Machine

Thor Shaprshooter
Krig.png Robot.png Thor.png Sharp.png

You can get Thor by logging into the game for 15 days in a row, but only after you’ve completed a few other tasks where you need to log in for a number of consecutive days. Once you’ve unlocked Thor, you can get it from your reward storage and place it for free on your base. Iren Wild may be bought from the store for 5000 Plasmium. To unlock Krigar, you must complete a specific mission. Once you’ve unlocked Krigar, you’ll be able to buy it from the store for 1000 Plasmium.

Unlike regular units produced in your Recruiter buildings, Heroes must undergo a "regeneration" phase after every defense or attack they participate in. The time they spend regenerating depends on the damage they have sustained during their last battle. The higher the damage sustained, the longer they need to regenerate before they can fight again. During attacks (but not when defending your base) heroes such as Iren, Krigar and Thor can summon additional units. You can trigger this ability by clicking on their image a second time after having deployed them.

This ability will not only summon units, but also give the hero an instant heal and damage boost, as well as invulnerability for a limited time. Every 5 levels the hero gains in this ability will increase the level and number of units summoned.

  • Iren summons Marines
  • Krigar summons Leviathans
  • Thor summons Pulsars

Sharpshooters have a different unique ability. As soon as you deploy your Sharpshooter, a timer will start. Once the timer reaches zero, your Sharpshooter will be able to launch a nuclear bomb. To launch, click the ability button and aim at the closest target. The higher the ability level, the stronger the bomb will be.

To upgrade a Hero, you must spend Plasmium to upgrade their building. During the upgrade, a Hero can neither be used in battle, nor defend your base. Troops summoned by Heroes do not receive any medals for training. While the upgrade improves a Hero’s stats, it also increases his or her regeneration time. This means that the more you upgrade your heroes, the longer it will take them to regenerate. If you’d rather not wait, you can use Diamonds to finish the regeneration process instantly.