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Your first base is situated on planet Terra Sperata.

Etter Syra is the second planet in the Tau Ceti system. It is home to the Swarm, an alien bug race. Bugs have extracted almost all of the gas and minerals on the planets, but this planet happened to be rich in Plasmium.

Zvezd port.png

To get to Etter Syra, select Star Port and click ‘Fly to Etter Syra’. You’ll see your base on that planet. You can return back to Terra Sperata the same way. You can build another base on Etter Syra to mine Plasmium. You can’t attack other colonizers directly yet, but there are some territories to conquer, and the Etter Syra base is used in defense.

Etter Syra.png

The Etter Syra base has some notable differences from your regular base on Terra Sperata. There are no Gas or Mineral Harvesters and Storages, but Plasmium Harvesters are more productive. Also, some non-defensive buildings are unavailable there. Moreover, due to the lack of construction materials, walls on Etter Syra are built using Swarm technologies. Note that the available technology level on Etter Syra is limited according to your main base level i.e., in order to build or upgrade something on Etter Syra you must have the corresponding level of that building on Terra Sperata. However, due to the fact that the technologies are already known, all buildings are constructed instantly on Etter Syra.

There are new territories to conquer on Etter Syra. Clan territory limits on different planets do not affect one another, so a clan that owns the maximum amount of territories on Terra Sperata, is still able to conquer additional territories on Etter Syra. Moreover, a player who is already assigned to some territory on a planet may be simultaneously assigned to a territory on the other planet. Bonus buildings on conquered territories are only available on the planet where they were conquered. Territory bonuses on planets sum up.

Plasmium from Etter Syra may be sent to Terra Sperata via Star Port using either a Common ship, which offers a 100% guaranteed delivery of a limited amount of Plasmium per day, or a paid, armed Convoy, which may deliver huge amounts of Plasmium with the risk of losing the whole delivery.

Battles on Etter Syra

The maximum amount of reputation points you can gain for a battle is 3 (provided the enemy's base is destroyed completely).

To receive 1 star in case of a successful battle or conquest on Etter Syra, you need to destroy 60% of an enemy base (not 50% as it is for Terra Sperata).

The number of attacks is limited on Etter Syra. In the beginning, you can make 3 attacks on other players per day. Each new rank on Etter Syra will unlock one attack per day.

If other players attack you, you will not lose or gain reputation points regardless of the outcome of the battle.

Upon receiving a certain amount or reputation points, you will unlock additional defensive buildings and Heroes.