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What is a Clan?

A clan is a group of friendly players who play together and cooperate with the intent of helping each other reach their respective goals. Some things in the game are only available to clan members, so don't hesitate to join a clan. There are two ways to become a clan member. One way is to join an existing clan. There are many clans, so joining one is fairly easy. However, you’ll want choose your clan carefully; good clan mates may help you a lot, while selfish ones are not very useful.

How do I create a Clan?

If you'd like to create your own clan instead of joining an existing one, open your Clan Hall and click on the "Create clan" button.


Next, enter a desired clan name, choose a clan emblem, write your clan's description and click on the button with Minerals.


NOTE: it costs 20000 Minerals, so you'd better have your Minerals ready.
If your clan is participating in a tournament, you can't delete it before the tournament is over.

Clan Level

Clan level shows additional (above the regular 50 members) clan member slots available. Each clan level allows a clan to have one additional member. The clan level increases with each clan mission completed. The maximum clan level is 10.

What can you and your clan mates do together?

  • send each other reinforcements
  • battle for new territories together
  • fight in clan tournaments together
  • chat together in a separate clan tab, invisible to non-clan members

Clan Missions

Clan missions are special missions that must be completed by the whole clan.
Clan missions are available for any member of any clan with 40+ members.

The main feature of clan missions is that all clan members can attack the same base. The damage dealt by each member is recorded and summed. Once the base has been destroyed, the five clan members who have dealt the most damage will get the reward. Damage dealt to walls is not counted.
Only one person may attack the base at a time. All the progress is saved to the whole clan. Clan members may attack the base in any order.
In clan missions, each player has one free attack per day. Also, up to 3 additional attacks per day can be bought for diamonds.

Clan mission.png