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Playing StarColony is more fun when you are part of a clan. In the Clan Hall, you can join an existing clan or create your own. Once you’re part of a clan, you can visit the Clan Hall to ask for reinforcements. The bigger the capacity of your Clan Hall, the more reinforcements you will be able to get.


Reinforcements are troops sent to your Clan Hall by your clan mates. When selecting your Clan Hall, you’ll see the ‘Reinforcements’ button. Clicking on it brings up a window that allows you to choose which troops you would like your clan mates to send you.
Once you’ve made your choice and clicked ‘OK’, your clan mates will see your request in the clan chat window. If they click ‘Help’ on your request, they’ll be able to choose which of those troops to send you.
You can also send troops to your clan mates. Note that troops must be recruited first. If a unit is not on your Grounds, you will not be able to send it.
When asking for reinforcements, always remember that troops occupy space. If you don't have enough room in your Clan Hall, your clan mates won't be able to send you the reinforcements you asked for.
Reinforcements do not behave like your regular units. When you have reinforcements in your Clan Hall and you go to battle, you will see a new icon in your troops list. If you click on it and then click on the battlefield, all of your reinforcements will be deployed with a single click.
Moreover, if any of the reinforcements survive a defense battle, they do not disappear like regular attacking troops.