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Black Market is a place where you can buy special modules to increase buildings and units damage/armor and a lot more various unique ammunition! Once a day, a list of 15 rendom items is generated on the Black Market. You can also change the list for Diamonds to find an item you need without having to wait for the next automatic refresh. After you buy modules and ammunition, they go straight to the Inventory tab in your Lab.


Detonators are modules that increase damage. There are detonators for defensive buildings and units. After selecting a building or unit, you can increase its damage by installing a detonator. The higher the detonator's level, the higher damage it gives.

Resonators are modules that increase armor. There are resonators for buildings adn units. After selecting a building or unit, you can increase its armor by installing a resonator. The higher the resonator's level, the better armor it gives.

Detonators and Resonators installation

The Detonators/Resonators you receive are kept in the Inventory of your Lab. You can install Detonators/Resonators by clicking on Modules on the selected building or unit. Detonators and resonators for BUILDINGS are installed on each planet separatedly. The installed detonators/resonators for TROOPS are common for both Terra Sperata and Etter Syra. (For instance, when you install a detonator for a certain type of troops on Terra Sperata, it will appear automatically on the other planet too). Detonators and resonators you receive remain yours forever. You can also uninstall detonators and resonators if necessary, after which they are sent back to the Lab and can be used for other buildings or units. If you installed a detonator/resonator, but you want to change it for a higher level detonator/resonator, it is better to firstly uninstall the current one, otherwise it will be destroyed when simply changed for a new one.

Unique consumables from the Black market

You can buy a lot of various ammunition on the Black Market. When purchased, they go straight to the Inventory tab in your Lab. There are ammunition of similar type that may differ in duration and the effectiveness of the bonus they give.


All ammunition (except damage and armor increase for various types of troops) are active only on the planet where you applied them. Damage and armor increase ammunition for various types of troops as well as troops detonators and resonators you applied on Terra Sperata, are also automatically activated on Etter Syra.