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In StarColony, you do battle against other players, but also against non-player enemies.

When you click on the ‘Attack!’ button, you will be given two options — ‘Enemy’ and ‘Mission’.

Missions give you puzzle-like tasks set on non-player bases inhabited by pirates and aliens.

The ‘Enemy’ button leads you to Player versus Player battles.

To engage in a PvP battle, you must first build your army. So, if you don't have any units on your Ground, select your Recruiter, and recruit the troops you want to use for your next battle.

As soon as you click ‘Enemy’, the game will begin to search a suitable opponent for you. The search costs Minerals, so you will need some if you want to search for an opponent. Once the opponent has been found, his base will become visible for you to scout. If you think you can win the attack, click the ‘Attack’ button. If you decide not to fight this opponent and would rather check out another one, hit ‘Next’ to scout the next enemy’s base. If you no longer want to fight anyone, click ‘To the base’ to return home.

You recruit troops for every battle. The unit will return to your base if you haven't used it in the battle. Once you land a soldier, it's gone.