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Authentication via VK 19.05.2017

Due to possible ban of Vkontakte social network in Ukraine, you have the option of changing your authentication method in the game and linking your account to an e-mail address.
To change your authentication method, contact  

New type of wars — the Battle of Titans! 29.08.2016

A new type of war has become available for colonizers on Terra Sperata — the Battle of Titans! All players can participate in it, no matter whether they are clan members or not. Participation in the Battle is individual and only your personal result counts. Therefore, the result depends entirely on you! The Battle of Titans is held once every 6 days and lasts for 24 hours. When you participate in the Battle of Titans and attack other colonizers, you receive points for 4 factors at the same time: Glory, Damage, Resources, and XP for your troops. Depending on the place you scored at all factors, the best colonizers will be decided! The winners of the Battle will receive unique prizes! More information is available in the Battle of Titans FAQ.

Update! 30.06.2016

Brave Colonizers! Today's update brings you the possibility to invite friends to the game by sending them invitations via e-mail or Facebook and Vkontakte. Bring your friends along, become faithful allies and receive bonuses! In addition, we introduce new levels of Medical Kit to increase the effectiveness of healing troops in battle.

News from Terra Sperata! 03.06.2016

Brave colonizers! In the last few days, there has been a minor speed drop in the game, caused by technical problems on the servers. StarColony Administration is currently working on fixing the technical issue. The problem shall be solved in the nearest time. Also, the possibility to apply for clan wars will be temporarily unavailable. As compensation, all colonizers will be given a gift today – Premium account for 3 days! Enjoy the game, good luck in developing your planet, and victories in battles! StarColony Administration 

News from Terra Sperata 01.06.2016

Brave colonizers! In this upgrade, a global optimization of battle calculations and an improved AI of units have been introduced. Several aspects of enhanced game performance and speed have been improved as well.

News from Terra Sperata! 24.05.2016

1. Brave colonizers! From now on, you will not only find trustworthy allies, but also get a unique opportunity of receiving great bonuses by inviting your friends into the game! You will receive 10% of every purchase of Diamonds your referral makes in the game! Invite friends, make a team of colonizers and receive nice bonuses!
2. Also, in response to numerous requests from our Colonizers, we are introducing a new option - nickname change! You can now change your nickname in the "Profile" section. 

Colonizers, prepare for landing! 15.03.2016

We have arrived! The sirens are on, everyone is in gleeful anticipation. We begin landing. Take your seat in the landing module and fasten your seatbelt!

Last instructions before landing in Terra Sperata. Read the instructions from the Center carefully, they will help you to quickly spy out the land, find resources, and build up your base. Don't put off defense! Colonizers from other ships are up in arms. Also, it looks like we are not the only thinking species here...

Click Start Landing when you are ready!      

10 years into the flight... All systems are working! 10.03.2016

It seems we've been traveling for ages. Our ships have been repaired a lot of times, we are running out of resources. However, we are almost there! We can see Tau Kita is sparkling in our telescopes. The estimated time of arrival is in 30 days.

We are starting making preparations for the landing. Follow messages from the Information Center here and in your e-mail. Star Colony mission is about to launch!    

All colonizers must come to the space port! 07.03.2016

We are fleeing after all. It is impossible to save the Earth, we have destroyed this planet with our own hands! But let's not talk about the past, because we still have a chance! Our colonizing vehicles are ready. All colonizers must come to the space port now!

A long journey among stars lies ahead of us. No one knows whether we will find a home for us there... One way or another, it is just the right time to start preparations while we are flying. Our main goal is to plant a colony and defend it from any possible threat. The Star Colony mission is about to launch!

Make sure you sign up for e-mail notifications from the Information Center.