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Welcome to StarColony, a science fiction MMO strategy. The fate of a humans' colony on the distant planet of Terra Sperata is in your hands. Get resources for construction, exploration and defense. Plan your base so that enemies have no chance of conquering it. Attack other players' colonies - let the strongest win!

The last war on the Earth has exhausted the planet. The devastated Earth ceased to be a home. People found shelter in the picturesque world of Terra Sperata in the Tau Kita system. However, they have to fight for their new home! Your colony is threatened by competing colonizers as well as the merciless owners of this star system - the acid bugs of the Swarm and the mysterious Ancients.

Fight against other colonizers, the Swarm and the Ancients.

Place your buildings so that enemies get stuck on your base.

Send your army to rob other colonies.

Join up into clans with other colonizers.

Take part in colonizing Etter Syra, the poisonous planet of the Swarm.