Game Guide for Newbies

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Game Guide for Newbies

Postby Commander_M » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:05 pm

This is a guide for people just starting out in the game.
Here are some good tips that should be done to advance fast in this game.

1. Diamond Storing:
Keep your diamonds and save up for important things. It might be painful to get the diamonds, but at the end, it is worth it.

2. Defense Upgrading
Make sure you don't upgrade defenses all at once, because it will almost guarantee an attack the next time you log in. (This is more important when people start using air, so don't upgrade all your air defenses or you are asking people to attack you)

3. Base Design
Another factor to lower you chances of people attacking is base design. Some general rules for base designs are:
-CC protected
-Defenses should be walled in (Don't leave them outside of your walls)
-Resources protected (Specifically storage)
Some people wall in some irrelevant buildings, such as Recruiters, Labs, and Grounds, but this is generally unneccessary unless you have too many walls, which you most likely do not have.

4. Resource Spending (This might vary, but this is how I did it)
In order of most important to spend on to least, is:
1. Major Economical (Storages, CC)
2. Major Defenses (Air Defenses, Railgun, Siege Tanks, Robotic Towers)
3. Major Military (Recruiters, Research Places (Tech Lab, Barracks, Space Lab))
4. Others (Walls, Clan Hall, Harvesters)

5. Join a good clan
Try to join a clan if you can, and if you help them, they most likely would help you in return.

6. EXP earning
Get experience early on, for later on (CC 9+), it gets harder to get EXP to level your units. This is specifically targeting units people don't use, such as Pyros and Reapers.

7. Strength early on for a strong infrastructure
Early CC Levels, get certain things upgraded to the maximum level of your CC before legit upgrading your CC. (For example, upgrade all defenses, storages, harvesters, and recruiters before leveling your CC)

Here is a tactic I used. (DISCLAIMER! This may or may not work depending on where you are)
1. I finished the Basic Missions very early, allowing me to do the advanced mission with a CC level 8.
- However, during this transition, my base suffered a blank period, where I did not have enough resources to upgrade facilities.
2. Give only if you can give
-I have a shield on and some gas. A clan mate asks for Warbots which I have. I give the warbots and build them back to replace them. Everyone benefits.
3. Don't break shields, unless if you have nothing that will finish before the shield breaks.
-You have an 8 HR Shield, if your army is mobilized, but you have a Siege Tank about to finish upgrading in 6 HR. Either come back later in 6 HRs and break the shield or wait for tomorrow.

Hope you find this helpful.
Suggestions for this guide are welcome. :)

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Re: Game Guide for Newbies

Postby Marine » Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:54 am

I have no suggestions.

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