Game chat rules

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Game chat rules

Postby Arbash » Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:42 am

The following actions are PROHIBITED in the Chat:

1. Bringing negative vibes to the chat (Cause scandal and conflicts in the chat, offend other users or a whole group of users, bourish behaviour, sarcasm, discussion of one's personal qualities).

2. Abusive and coarse language, hidden/disguised swear words (including f** etc), i.e. when one or more letters in swear words, nicknames, clan names are changed as well as abusing other chat participants.

3. Causing conflicts, slander.

4. Flood, trolling, constant using of caps-lock.

5. Discussions of punishments in chat. Abusing for being banned. Continuation of a conflict, advertising and other violations using a fake account or a direct link (previous violations of the banned are considered before next ban). Deceiving other players by saying to be the moderator, threatening players with bans.

6. Distribution of harmful links. All links are subject to this rule.

7. Incitement of ethnic and/or religious hatred.
Ban in chat for:
1st violation - from 72 hours (depending on the situation, a 360 hrs ban can be applied straightaway).

8. Threats to someone's life.

9. Continuous advertising of a clan, requests to join clans.

10. Discussions of political and geopolitical situations of any country.

11.Messages of sexual character (direct or indirect), propaganda, discussion of alcohol, drug, psychotropic substance issues, using their names in clan names.

All violations are summed up regardless of their types and the punishment can't be reset (if the player already had a punishment a long time ago, the new punishment will be for a longer time).The ban for violation of any of these rules is:

1st violation - 24 hours,
2nd violation - 168 hours,
3rd violation - 720 hours,
4th violation - 10000 hours.

All Moderator's actions can be appealed by the administrator Arbash .

The Moderator reserves the right, but is not obliged to present proof of violations that were punished with a ban. The Moderator can also make a warning for violating the rules.

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