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Forum rules

Postby Arbash » Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:40 am

Violation of paragraphs 1 - 6 of these rules shall be punished the following way:
a) Warning.
b) Banning the user on the Forum in case of a second act of violation (disabling the ability to read and leave posts). The shortest term of a ban is 30 minutes.
Topics, posts, avatars, signatures and links containing such information can be deleted (depending on the context) without any notification, at the discretion of the moderator.

1. The following is forbidden:
* Replacing symbols with the ones in other languages that are similar in writing; excessive use of slang and transliteration.
* Writing a post in "CAPS" - in capital letters (while holding the Caps Lock key or Shift key), meaning crying, elevated tones.
* Highlighting the entire message by changing font and / or text color. It is allowed to change color (except for red and its variations or shades) or font (including bold, italic and underlined text) for only a few words or sentences.

2. All posts, files and links containing following are forbidden:
* Use of obscene and unprintable words.
* Erotics and pornography.
* Scenes of violence and other insulting content.
* Promotion of ethnic hatred.
* Promotion of racism, nazism, fascism, fanaticism, terrorism and similar extremist trends.
* Promotion of narcotic and psychotropic substances.
Veiled filthy language is counted as obscene and unprintable words, and is only permitted in "FLOOD" forum. 
It is permitted to use asterisks, that cover the word COMPLETELY.

3. Crossposting - topics that duplicate existing ones created for any purpose are forbidden in thematic forums.
Use the search, please.
* Make the title of your topic reflect the theme of discussion, but not your emotions or opinion.
* Do not use one word titles, such as: "Admin", "Aye", "Save", "Help", "Question", "Help Me".
* Appeals to specific forum participants on specific issues through creating a topic (e.g. topic titled "Ben, call me") can only take place in the "FLOOD" forum.

4. Offtopic - Messages that are not related to the theme of discussion can only take place in the "FLOOD".
Do not stray from the theme given by the author (the author is the user who wrote the first post of a topic):
* Flood - messages without any meaning, consisting of one or more smiles or a single word, can only take place in "FLOOD" forum.
* Flame - writing similar, with little meaning, provoking topics or posts, straying from the main theme of discussion by switching to the individuals, age, etc.

5. Overquoting - abuse of quoting:
- A triple quote (a quote in a quote in a quote).
- Quote, consisting of 20 or more lines, including heading and blank lines.
- A quote that contains an image.

* Do not quote the whole message, select the main points and delete the rest.
* When quoting a message that already contains quotes, the inside quotation should be removed.

6. The following information in the signatures is forbidden:
* Logos and content from other games, sites or requiring additional translation to English, which is the main language of this forum.

The maximum size of an image in your signature is limited to 60 pixels in height and no more than 110 pixels in total, including text.
In some exceptional cases moderator may give you a permission for an 140x900 image.

Violation of paragraphs 7 - 12 of these rules is punished the following way:
a) Banning (disabling the ability to read and leave posts) for 2 days.
b) In case of repeated violation - banning for 3 days.
c) In the case of request from other forum participant about violation of paragraph 7 - banning for 7 days.
Topics, posts, avatars, signatures and links containing such information can be deleted (depending on the context) without any notification, at the discretion of the moderator.

7. It is forbidden to disrespect any forum participants, rudeness, slander, insults, threats, blackmail, quote corruption, quoting of private messaging (including messaging between a player and administrator) without a consent from both of the participants, etc. in any form for any purpose, as well as in PM-ing (private messaging) these quotes. Complaints should be private-messaged to the administrator. You can also use the built-it complaining mechanism.

8. It is forbidden to change or delete messages for any purpose and / or comments of a moderator (postscript colored red in the post, warning labels), after receiving a warning or punishment as well as in the voting topics, etc.

9. It is forbidden to use moderator’s BB code [mod=] in the message text, captions, and PM (personal messaging).

10. It is forbidden to discuss actions of moderators and administrators in forum topics; such questions should be directed to the moderators or administrators by PM (private messaging).
* All arguements between a player and a moderator should be solved exclusively through private messages.
* If debaters are unable to reach an agreement, the actions of the moderator can be appealed through private messaging to the Chief moderator
* If there is no reasoned response by the Chief Moderator during the 3-day period, or if the player disagrees with the decision, the player has the right to e-mail the Administration through the proper form.
* Decision of the Administration is not appealable.
* The appointments or dismissals of moderators, as well as justifying the player's actions with a public moderator’s apology to the rehabilitated player is published in a special topic.

11. It is forbidden to provide a profile for banned, locked or otherwise punished forum participant during the period of punishment for any purpose.

12. Any criticism of the Administration's actions and negative reviews should be only written in appropriate forum.

Violation of paragraphs 13 - 16 of these rules provides following punishment:
Banning on the forum, account is blocked.
Topics, posts, avatars, signatures and links containing such information can be deleted (depending on the context) without any notification, at the discretion of the moderator.

13. Placing any third-party advertising in the profile and / or forums for any purpose in any form. Forum is not an advertising board.

14. Recieving a critical number of warnings.
Questions about the number of warnings received so far should be directed to the moderators via PM (personal messaging).

15. It is forbidden to register provocative nicknames for any purpose:
* Similar to the name of the forum or its domain name.
* Similar to nicknames of the company, administrators, moderators.
* Containing obscene and unprintable words, offensive content.
* "Delusional" nicknames containing brackets, asterisks, leet, etc.
This also applies to posts, user bars / signatures, avatars, etc.

16. It is forbidden to use the forum of the game for commercial purposes.
This includes posts about purchasing or gifting user accounts, as well as purchasing and gifting itself.

Violation of paragraphs 17 - 18 of these rules shall be punished the following way:
A measure of punishment is chosen by the administrator in his/her sole discretion.
Topics, posts, avatars, signatures and links containing such information can be deleted (depending on the context) without any notification, at the discretion of the moderator.

17. The forum Administration is in no way responsible for the quality of the game, no debates about this are allowed to be carried out.
Forum is not an official way of getting technical support and is not a service for the complaints about the game, account, etc. Formal complaints should be mailed to or messaged ingame.
Nevertheless, the players may post ideas about improving the game, make suggestions which are to be considered by the official representative of the Administration or StarColony developers.

18. Other violations that are directly or indirectly specified (or not specified) by the game or forum rules.

Ignorance / misunderstanding of the rules is not an excuse.
* The punishment is applied to the owner of the profile, regardless of whoever committed actions under this profile.
* In order to save anonymity moderator or administrator may not sign or send a link to the warning or punishment given to a player.
* StarColony is not responsible for any posted personal ads.

It is forbidden for a player to write posts or messages with different accounts.
Authors that malignantly violate forum or ingame rules will be banned by ip-address, which prevents re-registering with a different nickname.
Authors posting spam or making especially egregious violations - will be banned not only in the forum, but also on all game servers without any possibility to re-register (ip-addresses or entire subnet will be banned).

Rules can be changed without any notice at the discretion of the Administration.

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