Brief definitions of some articles

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Brief definitions of some articles

Postby Arbash » Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:43 am

Under article 2 the following shall be punished: profanity, veiled obscenities, insults of other participants.
Veiled obscenities are profanity (swearing) that have been intentionally modified by means of replacing the parts of words that are crucial for apprehension with other letters or symbols, while maintaining the semantics of the original word.

Under article 3 the following shall be punished: creating conflict situations, call for conflict, slander.
Creating conflict situations:
Incitement: contradicting opinions of parties on any subject, longing for the opposite purposes, using different means to achieve them, the divergence of interests, wishes and so on, that could lead to more serious violations, quarrels, insults.
Denigrating information or distribution of knowlingly false information discrediting the honor and dignity of another person or undermining his/her reputation.

Under article 4 the following shall be punished: flood, off-topic, trolling, caps lock.
Intentional multiple reiteration of one or several phrases of the same type;
Excessive use of symbols, characters, and words in the messages («))))», «!!!!!!», and so on), which impede normal communication in the chat, information apprehension. Extent of punishment is to be decided by the moderator;
Begging (persistent requests to attack or do any other actions);
Meaningless text: a set of symbols, not bearing any semantic load, craming the chat window and disturbing other players.
Advertising (discussion) of other games. As well as writing friends requests on their basis.
Offers to buy or sell game accounts, any other advertisements, and so on. Punishable with a 360 hours gag. For repeated violation, the punishment doubles.
Posting messages with the intention of starting flame, conflicts between players, insults, and messages which can impede further discussions of the topic in a pleasant environment.
The chatting is allowed only in languages understandable to most of the players (English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian). Use PRIVATE messages for other languages.

Under article 5 the following shall be punished:
Ban discussions, insults for bans, maintaining conflicts, pr, or other violations induced by the already banned player from another fake account. The punishment is determined with the consideration of the previous one. Misleading players into thinking one is moderator, ban threats.

Under article 6 the following shall be punished: distribution of harmful links.
Distribution of links to other games and projects; websites that can harm player's pc.

Under article 7 the following shall be punished: incitement of ethnic hatred
1. Action directed at incitement of national, racial, social hatred or hostility, disgrace of national dignity, and any statements about exceptionality, supremacy and inferiority of persons on the basis of their nationality. Advocacy of nationalistic ideologies.
2. Discussions of military situation in the world, humiliating people regardless of their nationality.
3. Nationalistic statements and slogans, that incite conflicts of national nature.
Incitement of religious hatred.

Under article 9 the following shall be punished: Repeated clan promotion.
One and the same clan can be promoted only once (1 message) per 15 minutes, regardless how many players do the promotion. If the same player promotes different clans, the interval between his messages shall be at least 15 minutes or more.
Same conditions apply when inviting into a clan, even if its name is not mentioned. Frequent request to be accepted by a clan (no more, than once per 5 minutes). Personal invitation in the chatt is considered advertising and falls after the same rules. For a private invitation, use the button "INVITE" and\or "PRIVATE"!

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