Selling or giving away consumer goods (Verkauf von Verbrauchsgut)

Nick Schweitzer
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Selling or giving away consumer goods (Verkauf von Verbrauchsgut)

Postby Nick Schweitzer » Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:21 pm

Ich habe Tausende Verbrauchsgüter aus den Sale-Paketen, die ich nicht mehr gebrauchen kann.

Es wäre gut, wenn die Möglichkeit geschaffen wird, diese umzutauschen (zum Beispiel in Diamanten) oder die an andere (zum Beispiel Clanmitglieder) zu verschenken.

I have thousands of consumer goods from the sale packages that I can no longer use.

It would be good if the possibility is created to exchange them (for example in diamonds) or to give away to others (for example clan members).

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brian miller
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Re: Selling or giving away consumer goods (Verkauf von Verbrauchsgut)

Postby brian miller » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:29 pm

yes it would be good.
I think it's funny though how people still post in these forums ideas to make the game better.
Like there's nobody else reading these then us lol. The people running this game don't care to make any improvements. They don't even bother giving any responses anymore. Not even after calling them out on it.
The only thing you could hope to sell at this point is your account. But if you try to do that & they catch wind of it, they'll delete that post. That's about the only thing we ever see admins/Support do these days. Why they care so much about selling accounts is beyond me... At least if someone buys your account, it means they care enough to foolishly spend money for this game or even that they'll play this game in place of an account that would have otherwise died.

So many good ideas have we suggested over the years, & the only thing we ever hear is their silence.

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