BUG REPORT correct dice rewards!!!

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BUG REPORT correct dice rewards!!!

Postby pentagram » Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:32 pm

I know it's not a BUG necessarily but it seems like something that wasn't thought through, and if it was I see no logic to it so it really should be fixed.

In dice Mini Game when you get a pair of 3's you get 10% minerals. As Mineral storage capacity goes up the prize goes up. I'm currently at maximum Mineral storage so 2 of 3's gets me 2,201,750 Minerals.

Likewise when you get a pair of 5's you get 10% minerals, at the current maximum Gas capacity the prize is 2,201,750 Gas.

However when you get a triple of 4's you get a set 300,000 Minerals; or even worse a triple of 3's you get 200,000 Gas. I understand that this is a great prize for any beginner, but once your storage is passed a certain amount the reward isn't worth it. I find my self re-rolling for pairs of either rather than keeping any triples as rewards suck in comparison; this feels real stupid.

My suggestion is that once the storage hits the threshold the prize for triples should always be something higher than the 10% you would get for a pair. Maybe like 15% for triples or something.

I reiterate I understand that this is not necessarily a bug but it really makes no sense and should be fixed. I don't know how getting a lesser reward for a more difficult dice pairing can be justified.
Thank you.

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