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The third planet (Toyen) will never come !?

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:10 pm
by Nick Schweitzer
Ich denke, der dritte Planet (Toyen) wird nicht kommen. Und mit dieser Meinung stehe ich nicht alleine, wenn ich mir die Beitr├Ąge im deutschen Chat so anschaue.
Ich hab in den letzten Monaten mehrfach beim Kundendienst in dieser Sache nachgefragt und nur nichtssagende Antworten erhalten Schade eigentlich. :(

I think the third planet (Toyen) will not come. And I do not stand alone with this opinion, if I look at the contributions in the German chat so.
I have in recent months repeatedly asked for customer service in this matter and only meaningless answers received a pity really. :(

Re: The third planet (Toyen) will never come !?

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:08 pm
by brian miller
only straight answer i ever got from Support was that: 'not enough players play on etter, so why open up Toyen'.

I don't know if that's the real reason why they never opened it, but if it is, its very shortsighted of them. You'd think that once the player base started dropping off, that they'd do something to re-energize the player base. Opening up Toyen would be 1 way to do that.

But now they just don't care to do anything. And after 3 years of excuses, they don't even come here to discuss anything anymore. I guess they just don't have the heart to keep making excuses, or they're not even here to read our comments in the 1st place. The Toyen ship has sailed, along with this game for the most part.

Re: The third planet (Toyen) will never come !?

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 8:50 am
by AndyFox
Yes, a new planet would revive the game somewhat.